Headshots for Youngsters

Having worked with so many photographers in front of the lense (check out actor Jason Riddington it's the same guy!) Jason has a clear understanding of what works as a headshot and specialises in great shots for younger actors.  

"The key thing for a great set of headshots is to show the casting directors a range of 'you'! In other words a set of images that definitely look like everyday you, but show a range of roles that you could play without any acting at all! That's the irony of it! They want to see versions of the 'real' you, no acting... Do you get what I mean?" Jason R-S  

Jason has full and current DBS (qualified teacher) so is fully covered & able to work with youngsters.

9 complete & edited digital headshots (colour & b/w if needed)

Photo session of up to 90 mins

Located in Aylesbury (will pick up from Amersham tube)

Price: £125 plus VAT

Please use the CONTACT page to make bookings or further enquiries