T'ai Chi Qigong

THE best kept personal training secret! 



Everyone knows that the Hollywood-set have personal trainers, but very few know the secrets of what they actually do. 


Personal Training in this form of Qigong, as practiced by actors, elite sportsmen and women and martial artists, develops lean muscle tone, incredible suppleness, strength, balance, stamina, calmness of mind, stability of breath and sense of well-being. The practice of Qigong is a tranquil, peaceful, but strengthening and life-affirming past-time. With persistence, results are seen remarkably quickly: but the results are a by-product of a time that is dedicated by you to you; for you in your life to pause, to breathe, to live in the moment, and to experience the intense suppleness, strength and power of body and mind that this ancient and beautiful practice gives. You can truly develop mind, body and spirit...


Jason has been practicing Qigong for over twenty years and has taught this form to students, martial artists and actors in the theatre and on film sets.


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